The Birth of a Web Site:

Well, here it is… the inaugural post of the Geometric Arts web site!  I would call it a blog, and technically it is, but I have such big plans for the site over time that “blog” doesn’t quite seem to cover it. Let me fill you in on why I’ve started this site, and what I plan to grow it into over time.


I am in the middle of a pretty dramatic life change, which you can read more about in the “My Story” post. In short, I’ve realized that my real dream is to some day be producing unique, stunning, geometric art of my own. I know I can’t get there tomorrow, or even next year, but I’ve mapped out a path, and this web site is part of that path.

I started poking around on the web to find resources on this topic, and discovered that while there are many fascinating individuals out there doing fantastic work, there didn’t seem to be any definitive place for people with this passion to come to in order to seek inspiration, find resources, and connect with each other. That is what I intend to create here. I have several different goals for the site:

A Place to Find Inspiration

First and foremost, I want this site to be inspiring, both for me and for all of you that come to visit. Since inspiration is an ongoing event, I plan to post regularly — hopefully twice a week — in order to keep the new information and inspiration flowing. I’ll also be sending out a short weekly email newsletter which will include extra tidbits above and beyond what’s on the site. Some future post themes in this area will include:

  • Geometry in Nature
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Artist Profiles and Interviews

A Place to Find Guidance and Resources

Another critical element of the site will be guidance and resources for those (like me!) who are interested in creating geometric art of their own. I have a number of different post series in mind, including:

  • Geometry Topics (Basic and Advanced)
  • Book Reviews
  • Software Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Sources for Tools and Materials

A Place to Connect With Fellow Geometric Artists and Enthusiasts

I hope for to become a gathering place for those creating geometric art as well as those who just love to look at it. Who knows, down the road, this may even become some sort of Geometric Art Marketplace! But for now, my hope is simply to build a thriving community of like-minded folks and provide you all with compelling content that keeps you coming back for more!

I Need Your Input

Since I am building this for you as much as for myself, I really want to hear your input! Is there a topic you’d like to know more about? Run across a great resource recently? Know an artist you’d love to see a profile or interview with?  Post a comment below or contact me to let me know what you’d like to see!


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2 Responses to The Birth of a Web Site:

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    Hildy Grossman July 10, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    I’d love to see more of your work, Phil. Can you post things you’ve done and describe the media–sculpture, drawings, etc. . .

    • avatar
      Phil Webster July 10, 2011 at 8:29 pm #

      Hi Hildy,

      Great to see you here! There are a few photos of some of my work in the My Story… post, but I’ll be happy to post more in the coming weeks and discuss them in more detail, if folks are interested.